Toby Smith, co-founder and keyboard player of Jamiroquai, died this week at the age of 46.

The band’s fan site shared the news on on Wednesday.

“It is with great sadness to hear and relay the news that original Jamiroquai keyboard player Toby Smith died on 11th April 2017,” the post read. “This is a very sad day for all Jamiroquai fans. Much love to his wife, children and the rest of his family.”

Smith, along with singer Jason Kay and bassist Stuart Zender, formed the band in 1991. They released their first single, “When You Gonna Learn?” in 1992.

Smith left the band in 2002 to spend more time with his family.

Jamiroquais lead singer posted a message on Facebook paying tribute to his friend. Although no official cause of death has been released, Kay shared that Smith was battling an illness.

“Toby had fought this voracious illness with his own indefatigable and stubborn brand of spirit and courage for a very long time, and until fairly recently, had shown all the signs of beating it, only for it to take him away so cruelly from his wife, his children, his relations and his many friends,” he wrote. “I will miss you so much Tobesman. I will always be so proud of you. Ride the wind buddy, nothing can stop you now.”

Jamiroquai’s original bassist wrote on Instagram, “I love you so much. My big brother Toby crossed over to the other side … The most talented musician I have ever had the honor to make music with.”

The musician is survived by his wife and children.

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