Toby Sheldon, 33, a German songwriter living in Los Angeles, has now paid over $130,000 to look like Justin Bieber.

As Bieber gained the full attention of America, Sheldon became increasingly fascinated by his looks. It started with Sheldon’s feeling of self-consciousness about his thinning hair. He admired Bieber’s full head of hair and got a hair transplant. But Sheldon didn’t stop there after he continued to compare his looks to Bieber’s. “I just saw him on TV and I saw him on every magazine,” he told uInterview. “He looks so good, and he’s so handsome, everybody loves him.”

Sheldon revealed exclusively to uInterview that he has gone through at least a hundred different procedures, including six hair transplants and various facial reconstructive surgeries. Most of the other procedures were injectables called aquamids. He also revealed that he had what’s called “smile surgery,” which is an invasive procedure that helps the face look younger by making the upper teeth more visible and conceal the lower teeth.

Sheldon met resistance in his journey to complete his transformation. His girlfriend had initially confronted him a couple of times. “When I came home from the smile surgery and the liposuction, I really looked like I’ve been in a bad car accident,” he said. “My face was all swollen, and I was bandaged up like crazy and she said, ‘That’s it, don’t do anything more.’”

But his girlfriend’s concerns weren’t enough to stop him and he went on to get more done, eventually getting her support. “Now she likes my looks and she’s really happy, she thinks I look younger and better. All my friends too, I’ve only gotten compliments so far.”

Although his girlfriend and friends now support him, Sheldon says that neither his parents nor his family who live in Germany know about the surgeries, but he eventually plans to tell them about his procedures. “I want to go there in person at one point and face them, but I don’t want to tell them on the phone,” he told uInterview. “I don’t want to call them and say, ‘Hey! By the way, now I look different!’”

Sheldon says he plans to undergo more reconstructive surgeries in the near future.

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