Rapper Tinie Tempah has accused TV show Top Gear of being controversial in order to attract more viewers.

Though the revamped version of the original BBC motoring show has not even aired, it began to cause some controversy last month, on March 16, when presenter Matt LeBlanc was filming a stunt in close proximity to the Cenotaph war memorial in London. This caused outrage from veterans, politicians and the general public. Tempah, however, is not surprised. The rapper, who has filmed a guest appearance on the show, believes that the show is trying to generate controversy for attention.

“If I’m being honest with you,” said Tempah to The Sun, “I think they like controversy. Maybe I’m just a little bit jaded and older now but I think Top Gear has started to become a controversial show and that is obviously what’s selling it.”

The previous show was hosted by the controversial Jeremy Clarkson and was always shrouded in notoriety. The new show will be hosted by Chris Evans, who has already been receiving a lot of criticism for his reportedly controlling style of presenting.

Tempah spoke about this as well, agreeing that Evans’ behavior was controlling, but not criticizing him for it.

“Even thought Chris is the star,” said Tempah, “He’s on top of every thing and I respect that.”

Check out the newest trailer to the controversial show:

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