If Beyonce were pregnant as often as she's reported to be, she'd be raising more kids than the Octomom.

But her mother, Tina Knowles, doesn't doubt that the singer and husband Jay-Z will make great parents—someday. "Of course I am [ready for her to have a baby]," she told People. "What grandmother isn't? I can't wait." And Knowles thinks that the power couple will be good at the job.

"They're good people and they're really positive and they're talented and they've had a lot of practice with my grandson – their nephew," she said, referring to her younger daughter Solange Knowles' son. "So I know they're going to make great parents." She called Beyonce "very caring and patient and loving," saying she knew her daughter would be a "great mom."

The singer herself has shrugged off the incessant rumors. "One day, hopefully, I will be [pregnant]," Beyonce told MTV News. "Whatever; it's a part of being a celebrity, I guess." –AMY LEE

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