Comedian Tina Fey called out the college-educated white women who voted for President Donald Trump.

The actress addressed white women during a Facebook Live fundraiser for the American Civil Liberties Union on Friday.

“A lot of this election was turned by white, college-educated women who now would like to forget about this election and go back to watching HGTV,” the actress said. “You can’t look away because it doesn’t affect you this minute, but it’s going to affect you eventually.”

The conversation Fey took part in was mostly about women’s reproductive rights. She spoke with Donna Lieberman, executive director of the ACLU in New York, and Louise Melling, the organization’s deputy legal director.

At the end of the brief interview, Fey made one final plea:

“I personally would like to make my own pledge to college-educated white women to not look away, not pretend that things that are happening now won’t eventually affect me if we don’t put a stop to it.”

You can watch the ACLU video on Facebook.

This was not the first time Fey has commented on the November elections.

During an interview with David Letterman in December she lamented, “I definitely came out of last month feeling misogyny is as much more real than two years ago. But the thing I worry about [more] than actual human interaction is the Internet. Because that’s just despicable: people just being able to be awful at each other without having to be in the same room.”

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