Tina Fey, playwright of Mean Girls the musical, performed a skit on Saturday Night Live in which she eagerly tried out for a part in the musical based on the 2004 film.

Fey hosted this past weekend’s SNL show and took time to spotlight her own song and dance abilities. She believed that her colleagues and friends felt she should play a role in it, as playwright of Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda does.

However, Lorne Michaels, producer of Mean Girls, ironically used Gretchen Wieners’ attempt to coin the word “fetch” in describing Fey’s role in the musical.

“Tina Fey starring in the Mean Girls musical is going to be fetch,” Michaels said. “And that, is not going to happen.”

Fey attended rehearsal in typical dance attire donning legwarmers and purple leggings underneath a skirt and long-sleeved shirt, while the rest of the crew was in casual dress. She was only able to flail her arms around in an effort to follow the choreography and wished to add new moves, such as the log roll.

Later, Fey came in dressed in a hot pink mini skirt and off the shoulder blouse and called it, “a Gretchen goes to the mall look.” The wig used to emulate Gretchen’s hair was too big for Fey, exposing her own hair.

Casey Nicholaw, director of the Mean Girls musical, then had Fey dress in a lion, mascot-like costume. However, she didn’t have much luck dancing in her new look, as she had crashed into the chairs at the front of the rehearsal room.

In one of the last scenes of the skit, Fey sported an arm sling and said, “Broadway is hard, and the people who do it are super talented. Maybe it’s okay if I can’t be like Lin-Manuel, jam myself into my own show whether people like it or not.”

The skit closed with Miranda writing Fey into the notorious burn book.

“She just made the book,” Miranda said, furiously scribbling into the pink book. “Let me tell you about this tiny-headed b—h named Tina!”



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