A Times Square Spider-Man fought off an alleged heckler on Thursday, becoming a viral sensation after a spectator captured the fight on video and shared it online.

Spider-Man Fights Off Heckler In Times Square

A man dressed as Spider-Man in New York City’s Times Square, allegedly took on a heckler Thursday in front of the Toys “R” Us. According to the man who recorded the dramatic event, Geoff Golberg, the man seen wearing a black jacket was disrupting the street performers and costumed workers in Times Square, prompting the superhero to take action.

“The guy was harassing a number of performers, other costumed folks. They’ve notoriously had issues with him in the past,” Golberg said.

The Spider-Man himself, identified only as Josh, told the New York Post that the man “said a lot of racist s—t. He said, ‘You Muslims go back to your country — you’re gonna blow up Times Square.’”

Josh told the newspaper that he had seen the man regularly harassing performers at the tourist hot spot for about a year. No police report was filed, and it does not appear as if the cops are investigating the incident.

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