Tim Tebow starred in T-Mobile’s Super Bowl commercials titled “No Contract” in which he gamely allowed his free agent status to be the butt of the joke.

Tim Tebow Shows Sense Of Humor In T-Mobile Ads

“Tim Tebow, here,” Tebow says into the camera in the first ad to air. “Everybody thinks I want a contract. But without one, I’ve done so much this year.” The former New York Jets and Denver Broncos quarterback is then shown delivering a baby, tackling Bigfoot and playing around on the moon.

In the second 30-second spot, Tebow again introduces himself and adds, “Still no contract, but it’s all good. Without a contract, I can do my own stunts. I can save these puppies. And I can tour the world." By touring the world, Tebow is referring to a rock band tour in which he wears leather and a long black wig.

The ads in which T-Mobile managed to get Tim Tebow to shill for the company were widely regarded as two of the best to air during Super Bowl XLVIII. Not only were they truly amusing, the joke had a point.

“It was one of those few spots that had a point, entertained and was self-deprecating. I give him high grades,” Jon Bond, CEO of marketing company Tomorro LLC, told the New York Post. “It’s good for his career.”

– Chelsea Regan

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