U.S. men’s national soccer team goalkeeper Tim Howard has inked a new deal with NBC Sports.

Tim Howard Signs Deal With NBC Sports

Howard has officially signed a multiyear deal with NBC Sports to be a soccer analyst, covering up to 10 Premiere League games for the network for the upcoming season, reported TMZ. Since Howard still plays for the EPL’s Everton, NBC Sports is committed to working around his playing schedule, as that will continue to take top priority.

"I think I got the balance right [last season]," said Howard, who commentated six games for NBC Sports last year. "To be honest, my schedule is eat, train, sleep and try and recover. I spend a lot of time in my home in Manchester, feet up on the bed, just resting."

Howard’s star power is undoubtedly on the rise following his heroic performance in the United States' quarterfinal match against Belgium at the 2014 World Cup. In the game, Howard made a record-breaking (for a World Cup game) 16 saves, holding the score at 0-0 throughout the 90 minutes of regulation.

While Howard appears to be the epitome of composure on the soccer pitch, the athlete admits his nerves threaten to get the best of him behind the mic.

"On the surface, it seems so easy, but then you get in the booth and your knees start shaking," Howard told reporters on Tuesday, according to The Hollywood Reporters. "It takes such skill. As a player you know the game, but being able to apply that and do it in the right way is very, very hard."

As he continues to grow more comfortable talking about the game live for fans, Howard has started to warm to the idea of parlaying his playing career into one as a full-time analyst when it’s time for him to retire from the pitch.

"I didn't know if television commentary was something I wanted to do," Howard said. "Dabbling in it is the obvious thing to do right now, but I realize how difficult it was doing just 7 or 8 games last year… It's still in its infancy, where I am at the moment, but if I can do this after I'm done playing, that's something I would enjoy."

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