Tim Blake Nelson stars in indie coming-of-age film Adventures In The Sin Bin as a Chicago cop who develops a paternal relationship with a wayward boy in the midst of his adolescence. In an exclusive interview with Uinterview, Nelson opened up about what made Adventures In The Sin Bin such a special project in his eyes and how he came to the part.

Nelson was offered the role of Officer Totsch after Chicago Cop-turned-actor Dennis Farina, who passed away this past July, turned it down. Unlike other teen comedy scripts where Nelson has been offered the role of a father, the script for Adventures in the Sin Bin written by Christopher Storer, felt like something completely original.

“The script came off quirkily unlike any other teen movie I had read. I'm offered a lot of roles as dads in these types of movies and, pretty quickly, I turn them down because they seem derivative,” Nelson said. “This one really does it's own take on what it is to be a randy teenage boy lost in life, with ambition that, in all likelihood, won't be fulfilled in the way that the holder of those ambitions imagines.”

Nelson not only appreciated the unique perspective of the teenage protagonist named Brian in Adventures In The Sin Bin, he could relate him to the younger version of himself. “I was much more like Brian — a little lost, a little behind the curve,” Nelson told Uinterview. “But wanted people to recognize that really wonderful stuff would happen for me in life if I diligently pursued a responsible and fruitful path.”

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Adventures in the Sin Bin stars Nelson, Michael Seater, Emily Meade, Bo Burnham, Brian Petsos, Gillian Jacob, Ben McKenzie and Jeff Garlin. The Billy Federighi-directed comedy hits theaters Oct. 18, 2013.

– Chelsea Regan

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