Tim Allen‘s comedy show Last Man Standing took a jab at liberals, political correctness and micro-aggressions this week.


A scene in the episode, aptly named “Precious Snowflakes,” begins with Allen’s on-screen daughter needing her dad to practice a speech for her class. “I know what micro-aggressions are, it’s the latest liberal attack on free speech – and a lot of fun if you do ’em right,” jokes Allen to an absurd laugh track.

He agrees to help his daughter pass her ethics class, stands, and begins, “Ladies and gentlemen,” before she stops him. “You can’t say ‘ladies and gentlemen’ because it excludes those who don’t identify as either.”

This segment carries on in this way, with Allen saying one thing, only to be stopped and corrected. “Where’s the list of stuff that doesn’t hurt people’s feelings,” he asks. “That’s gotta be a short one.”

Allen has been an outspoken celebrity conservative, of which there are few, and is lauded by the right. Watch the video below:

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