The hashtag “#SaveBarron” has taken over on TikTok with more than 27 million views on the videos using it. The idea behind the hashtag is to “free” President Donald Trump’s youngest son Barron Trump from the White House. 

Many of the videos assume that 14 year-old Barron secretly disagrees with what his father stands for, respects women and is very unhappy living in the White House. One user wrote, “You cannot tell me that Barron Trump is a Trump supporter.” 

The movement even went as far as to have a “Free Barron” petition on with over 15,000 signatures. The petition, however, has since been deleted. 

In one video, user @awesomely.h0echelle expressed that she thought the hashtag was a joke until she found out, “his dad refuses to let him play sports and have social media, he cant have any friends, security takes him to class, hes quiet and nice & his roblox bio says ‘i like anime, i play adoptme, im nice and friendly, no toxic people!’” The caption on the video read, “he’s adorable.”

One supporter used the name @save.barron2020 and posted a video of Barron giving a baby a high five in order to show the good in him with the caption, “he’s so sweet.” The video got 1.8 million likes and 41.4k comments. This account has seven other posts similar to this one about Barron.

TikTok has been growing in popularity at a rapid rate. Other popular hashtags, such as the one for the Black Lives Matter movement currently have over 10.8 billion views.

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