TikTok star Bryce Hall is being sued after getting into a physical fight at a Mexican restaurant in October.

A video shows Hall and some friends in an altercation with an employee at the Cinco Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. The two fall to the ground as they bang each other into tables in the outdoor seating area.

Cinco co-owner Hernan Fernando is suing Hall for battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and engaging in acts of violence motivated by race, national origin, citizenship, immigration status and primary language. Fernando, a Mexican immigrant, claims that Hall referred to him as slurs.

Fernando reported in the complaint that Hall and his friends were vaping at the restaurant. When employees asked them to stop, they refused, so the employees cut them off and asked them to leave.

Hall then allegedly blew vape smoke into Fernando’s face, “posing an unconscionable COVID-19 threat during a worldwide airborne pandemic.” Fernando tried to usher him out, when one of Hall’s friends “went berserk,” and the pair “began physically attacking and punching Mr. Fernando,” according to the documents.

Fernando said Hall “began choking him from behind with his arm around Mr. Fernando’s neck” for 30 seconds. The complaint said Fernando’s injuries included “a broken hand, a bruised face, pain from being punched in the ribs, and neck and back injuries.”

“After being violently attacked and racially demeaned in his own business, Bryce Hall went to the press to further insult Hernan Fernando. Hernan sought no attention, but instead cooperated with authorities in the criminal investigation against Mr. Hall – an investigation that we anticipate will result in criminal prosecution. The filing of this civil lawsuit gives Hernan his voice. We’re hopeful a jury will see what Mr. Hall didn’t: that Hernan is a human being worthy of dignity,” said Fernando’s attorney.

Hall responded to the incident in October after the footage was released, confirming he was asked to stop vaping and claiming the fight broke out after an employee went inside to run his credit card.

“I did vape in the outdoor seating area of the restaurant. However, when the manager approached me and requested I leave, I obliged and asked for my card that was being held with my table,” Hall said. “I had to ask for it well over 10 times (I still don’t have the card back) and he said ‘No, get the f— off the property.’ He then grabbed me and tried to pull me out so I threw his hand off and said, ‘Don’t touch me, what’re you doing?’ and he proceeded to grab me again.”

Hall’s friend said he tried to stop the fight.

“Then my friend walked in the middle of us to stop the commotion and the two of them started pushing each other. I put my hand in the middle and tried to stop it,” he said. “The manager then proceeded to tackle my friend to the ground and that’s when I got on top of him and put him in a headlock in an attempt to get him to stop fighting. Then his employees walked over and started kicking me.”

“Any other variation of the story is categorically false. I have witnesses that contacted me and offered to come forward if need be. I also have a video that a bystander sent me that will show a lot of what happened,” he said.

“The version of the story that is being portrayed is missing a lot of context and isn’t who I am,” Hall concluded at the time. “It isn’t who my mom — a single mother who has only love in her heart — raised me to be. When I was young, my dad abused me and my mom and was removed from the house. From that day forth, I swore that I will never become like my father. This story portrays me to be like my dad and I can’t respond with ‘no comment’ like my PR team wanted me to. This is a matter of moral clarity; not about protecting my name.”

At the end of the video, Hall is seen laughing and walking away.

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