TikTok influencer Mikayla Nogueria is receiving backlash after being called out for allegedly “lying” in a mascara review. 

Nogueria rose to fame during the Covid-19 pandemic for being honest about the products she reviews.

After she recently posted a TikTok review for the L’Oreal Paris mascara, the video was flooded with comments asking if the “false lashes come with the mascara.”

Influencers are legally required to disclose paid partnerships.

Fans have taken to Twitter to bash her for misleading her audience about her review because she has a paid partnership. 

@Tayty_Perry, a Twitter fan, said, “no because this woman actually disgusts me atp. The way she did this and was so comfortable lying in the comment section saying she didn’t add falsies, she just did a few coats and tight lined. Like be astronomically fr right now mikayla.”

Makeup influencer Jeffree Star started trending on Twitter shortly after the post with fans claiming that he is more honest in his reviews of makeup products. 

Others on social media defend Nogueria, saying that people are taking this “mascara scandal” too far.

@muglerminx on Twitter stated, “tiktok is so mad at that mikayla girl for wearing fake eyelash to promote a mascara that they’re praising jeffree star and saying they want him to come back… they can excuse racism but wearing fake eyelashes to promote a mascara is where they draw the line. so unserious.”

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