A Florida sheriff confirmed on Tuesday that the will of Carole Baskin’s missing husband, Don Lewis, was forged. Lewis went missing in 1997 and was ruled dead in 2002.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister told 10 Tampa Bay, “They called in some experts to say that the will was a forgery and I had already told them that two months ago. They had two experts deem it 100% a forgery.”

Handwriting experts determined Lewis’s signature on the will was traced from an earlier document and the power of attorney did not remember signing the new will.

Lewis’s forged will left his reported multi-million dollar wealth to Baskin and nothing to his family. Throughout the Netflix docuseries Tiger King, suspicions were raised about the disappearance of Lewis and Baskin’s involvement in it. Baskin has continually denied knowing anything about Lewis’s disappearance or whereabouts.

“Investigators have some great leads. They’re working through them. I hope something pans out,” Chronister continued.

Baskin won ownership of her fellow Tiger King star and arch-enemy Joe Exotic’s 16-acre zoo earlier this week as a piece of her lawsuit settlement against Exotic. Baskin had sued Exotic for trademark infringement.

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