Viral photos of Tiffany Trump siting alone at New York’s Fashion Week have been circulating on the web in the past week.

However, according to the Huffington Post, Trump was not alone for more than two minutes. The photographer allegedly snapped the photos quickly, after which the seats next to her were filled.

“The two empty seats, which were between Tiffany and me, were almost immediately filled by other guests,” Christina Binkley, who tweeted the pictures, said in a statement.

“Then Philipp Plein executives arrived and asked those people (including a famous creative director) to move so that Philipp’s sister and girlfriend could sit there. They ended up being highly coveted seats. Then the show started,” she added.

There were two women who left their seats next to Trump, but no one knows the reason why.

“I don’t know where the two women moved who vacated their seats, and I can’t explain their reasons other than what they said as they left,” Binkley said. “Tiffany was surrounded by photographers and chatting with her friends who were seated with her.”

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