Art Garfunkel, who most famously partnered with Paul Simon in the folk rock duo Simon and Garfunkel, has tickets available for two upcoming shows in New Jersey this November.

The shows, which had been scheduled as part of a tour earlier this spring, were canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. So, April’s New Jersey shows are now set to be held in November, and tickets are still available.


On tour, Garfunkel has been known to perform hits from his days singing with Simon, but also performs hits from his 12-album solo career repertoire. He often also reads excerpts from his book of poetry, What Is It All But Luminous: Notes from an Underground Man.

“I don’t look at it as a tour. I just look at it as: ‘This is what I do,’” he told Nashville Scene about performing. “I go out on the road and I do shows, usually on the weekend. Are they tours? They’re mini-tours. This is my life. I sing; I have a booking agent; he finds me stages; and I go all over the world and I do my shows. I love it. And you do these famous songs, you earn your pay and move on to the next town — I like this.”

Check out the concert dates below:


Nov 19
Red Bank, NJ, US
(Rescheduled from April 19)

Nov 20
Englewood, NJ, US
(Rescheduled from April 25)