Three more women came forward and accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault on Thursday in a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing a group of women accusing the comedian of assault.

Three Women Accuse Bill Cosby Of Rape

Janice Baker Kinney, Marcella Tate and Autumn Burns brought the total of women publicly accusing Cosby of sexual assault to well over three dozen when they appeared at a press conference this week.

Janice Baker Kinney

Kinney claimed that Cosby assaulted her in May of 1982 when she was 24. She said she met the comedian while working as a bartender at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in Reno, when Cosby visited as a performer. Kinney said that Cosby invited her to a house party, but when she arrived there were only a few people present. Kinney admitted to accepting two pills from the comedian, and says she woke up the next morning naked in bed with Cosby. “All this time, and for many, many years, I felt this was my fault. I took the pills from him. I justified what he did by saying to myself that none of this would have happened if I had not accepted pills from him. I never thought of it as rape” Kinney wrote in a statement. Kinney insisted she never came forward because it wasn’t until hearing all the other allegations against Cosby that she realized she was a victim of assault. “I was 24 years old and I was naïve thinking that this funny and sweet, trustworthy man would never give me something that would harm me. I was wrong and now I know that Mr. Cosby is a predator and needs to be held accountable for what he did to me,” Kinney added.

Marcella Tate

Tate’s allegations against Cosby are a bit different. She claims she met Cosby in 1975 when she was 27 and working as a model in Chicago. One day, he took her to the Playboy mansion and offered her a glass of wine, which she accepted. Tate claimed that the next thing she remembered was waking up naked with Cosby. “I knew that I was in a sexual situation. I never intended to be in that situation…but because I was barely conscious and felt drugged, I was unable to do anything to get out of it,” Tate wrote in a statement.

Like Kinney, Tate said she felt compelled to stand up to Cosby, saying, “I believe that I was targeted and drugged by Bill Cosby. I feel that Mr. Cosby has no regard for women or for their safety.”

Autumn Burns

Burns claimed her assault occurred in 1970 when she was 20 and working as a model at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas. Reminiscent of previous allegations against Cosby, Burns alleged that Cosby invited her to his room with the promise of helping her find acting work. Once there, he offered her a drink, which Burns appears to believe was laced with drugs.

“I started feeling woozy and not in control…He told me to sit on the edge of the bed. When I did, he grabbed me by the back of my neck and stuck his erect penis down my throat. I remember my head being pounded up and down and then he lifted me on top of him and had sex with me. When he was done I knew I had to leave the room and get home,” Burns described in her own statement.

At the press conference, Allred said that more women would be going public with allegations against Cosby and added that the women want the comedian to admit his wrongdoing and, hopefully, stop his “Far From Finished” comedy tour.

“The women who are with me today are not the last ones who will come forward. I can assure him that there will be more, because women are no longer going to be intimidated by Cosby’s celebrity, money or power,” Alred said.

Cosby To Perform In Atlanta On May 2

Cosby has denied previous allegations against him and has sworn to keep on touring despite protestors interrupting his shows and calling for him to cancel. Cosby’s next show is scheduled for May 2 at the Cobb Centre in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cosby has not commented on these new allegations, but he is currently busy fighting accuser Tamera Green and two other alleged victims in court. Green filed suit to get Cosby’s deposition from the 2005 sexual assault lawsuit he settled unsealed. Green has claimed that Cosby’s deposition likely contains an admission of guilt, and thus should be available to her as evidence in her defamation suit against Cosby.

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