So little battery left, so little time to charge up. It’s tough to keep your mobile devices fully charged when you’re always on the go. There’s a multitude of power bank options out there, but here are three worth looking into.

Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger

The Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank  is the size of a candy bar (3.8 x 1.7 x 0.9in, 4.2oz). Sleek and portable, the 5,200mAh external battery can recharge an iPhone 5S or 6 two full times and one full charge to the 6 Plus, Galaxy S5, Note 4 and Nexus 5. The battery itself recharges in five hours with a 1A adapter. Using Exclusive PowerIQ Technology, the Anker Astro E1 can detect your device and charge it four times faster than a computer USB port. The downside? This one doesn’t have a built-in flashlight.

Get it now on Amazon for $19.99.

AmazonBasics Portable 16,100mAh Power Bank

If you’re looking to charge your devices multiple times over the course of a long commute or flight, the AmazonBasics Portable 16,100mAh Power Bank gets the job done nicely. It uses a lithium-ion polymer battery to reduce weight and increase safety. There are two USB ports to allow for simultaneous charging of smartphones, tablets and other devices almost at their full speed. It can charge an iPhone 6s 9.3 times before a recharge. Though AmazonBasic’s Portable is not quite as sleek and small as the Anker Astro E1–it’s the size of a portable hard drive — it’s versatility and power make up for that.

Check it out now on Amazon for $29.99.

Power Bank Leadtry 20000mAh External Battery

If you’re serious about finding a powerful external battery, look no further than the Power Bank Leadtry 20000mAh External Battery. This high capacity 20000mAh battery can charge an iPhone 6 ten times, the iPhone 6Plus six times, the Galaxy S5 seven times and the iPad Air2 two times. It features a super-fast charge output with dual USB ports, allowing users to simultaneously charge an iPad, iPhone and Android at high speed. It’s even got a built-in flashlight with four classes of adjustable lighting.

Buy it now at Amazon for $30.99.

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