Allen Pan, the guy behind the YouTube channel Sufficiently Advanced, uploaded a video last week, which highlights his Thor Mjölnir creation. Pan took his model to Venice Beach to see if he could find someone who could lift his Thor hammer.

Allen Pan Shows Off His Own Thor Mjölnir Creation

Pan found many people who tried to lift his Mjölnir, but just like with the hammer of Thor, not many of them succeeded. Those who failed in their attempts were shocked when Pan was able to lift the hammer with ease.

In the video Pan shows viewers the inside of his Mjölnir model, pointing out the gadgets he used to build it, which includes: Capacitive touch sensor connected to the handle, Arduino Pro Mini, solid state relay, an electromagnet, and of course a fingerprint scanner, only registered to Pan’s prints.

However, there were a few challengers who figured out Pan’s thumbprint trick and called him out.

“That got your thumbprint, see he used his thumbprint, I told y’all,” one man said to the group of by-passers testing their strength.

Check out the video below:


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