Another mysterious monolith has been spotted in California. This is the third monolith that has been discovered, the first was in Utah and the second in Romania. Are these monoliths work of extraterrestrials or can the creators be found on Earth? No one has an exact answer as to why these metal structures are appearing — and disappearing — within days.

The third monolith was found in Atascadero, California. This one appears different than the original monolith that stood in Utah’s Red Rock Country. The Californian monolith was not embedded into the ground and could be knocked over, which is a danger to those who hike to see the structure.

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The first monolith appeared last week in Utah sparking a mystery of where it originated from and why it was placed there. After photos posted on social media, visitors came to get shot to see this mysterious structure for themselves in person. People were left with even more questions after the monolith  disappeared in only a few days. Two men from Utah came forward saying that they took down the structure in Utah.

Romanian journalists also report finding a similar-looking monolith on a hill near the city of Piatra Neamt, Romania. The structure was then discovered to have disappeared quickly in a few days as well. Romanian reports claim the monolith was probably made by a local welder due to it lacking the same visual appearance as it counterparts. Romanian officials are still looking for the person responsible for the placement and removal of the monolith, as the individual had no permit to place the object there.

The third monolith is still currently standing in Atascadero, California – but no one knows how long for.

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