Sunday night’s “Warning Signs” episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead stunned scores of fans, so show-runner Angela Kang opened up about what was going through the writers’ minds when they devised that ending.

The big reveal, of course, was that Cyndie and the Oceansiders were the real killers of the Saviors, and that they were doing this out of revenge.

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) actually allowed them to finish carrying this out, and by the end of the episode the pair left for Alexandria to kill Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). 

We also learned that Anne (formerly Jadis) was a member of a human trafficking group, and that she ultimately knocked out her romantic partner Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) in order to take him to the helicopter. Meanwhile, Rick (Andrew Lincolnwatched as most of the Saviors built the bridge.


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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kang explained that the series of events leading up to the “Warning Signs” finale was simply like a “chain of dominoes.”

“Oceanside, they’re gonna fall in line in some ways, even though they are a very strong society of their own,” said Kang. “They just figured ‘here are the rules of the new world and we’re gonna play ball, lest anything happen to us.”


Kang also shed some light on the difficult decision Maggie faces this season: the chance to avenge her husband.

“In this instance, we liken it to, what if a Nazi ran away and started a new life, and then you have the chance to kill that Nazi that killed your family?” said Kang. “Does anything count after that? Should it? Everybody’s gonna have a different answer to that.”

The showrunner continued: “And so, in this moment, Maggie, who’s been thinking so much about what happened to her husband, she does make a somewhat unexpected choice, but that pain is so fresh for her. Those are just all things that we wanted to explore, and see where Maggie’s at, and how she has changed as a result of all these actions.”

Kang also admitted she did not even think that the Whisperers would be presumed as the murderers of the Saviors instead of the Oceansiders.

“We were thinking about like, okay, we can misdirect Jadis, and we can misdirect Daryl,” Kang revealed.

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