The Walking Dead‘s midseason finale – “Heads Up” – finally answered the question about whether or not Glenn (Steven Yeun) was alive

The Walking Dead S6, E7 Recap

“Heads Up” opened on the scene at the dumpster, when Nicholas (Michael Traynor) shoots himself in the head, bringing Glenn down with him into the swarm of zombies down below. The camera pans out to reveal that the zombies disembowled Nicholas’s dead body as it laid atop of Glenn, who managed to squirm out from under Nicholas to the relative safety of the space under the dumpster. After knifing a couple of walkers in the head, Glenn is able to wait it out until the zombies leave.

When Glenn finally emerges, a voice calls out “Heads up,” and a bottle of water lands at his feet. It’s Enid (Katelyn Nacon). She tells Glenn that Alexandria was attacked, but fails to tell him exactly what caused the blare that sidetracked the walkers or whether or not Maggie (Lauren Cohan) survived before she runs off. Glenn’s attempts to follow her prove futile.

Back in Alexandria, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) inspects the fence perimeter and sees that blood is starting to seep in. Ascending one of the watch towers, Rick finds Maggie, who is still looking for a sign that Glenn has survived. Like Maggie, Rick hasn’t given up hope on Glenn and suggests they figure out a way to divert the zombies so that if Glenn is making his way back he’ll have a safe return.


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Walking through the town after his talk with Maggie, Rick sees Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) posting signs about a prayer circle and takes it down. Afterwards, he heads off to teach Ron (Austin Abrams) how to use a gun with Carl (Chandler Riggs). Their first lesson, is teaching Ron how to be patient with the gun. They give him a unloaded gun and tell him he can’t practice with it yet. The lesson doesn’t stick, as it’s not long before Ron is stealing bullets from the armory and following Carl with his loaded gun.

Rick’s next mission for the day is to figure out why Morgan (Lennie James) wouldn’t kill any of the Wolves during the attack on Alexandria. He confronts him about it with Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Carol (Melissa McBride). Morgan explains his belief – based on his own experience – that people who are doing bad things can change. But, he does concede that he’s unsure if he can continue to avoid getting blood on his hands.

Following the chat with Morgan, Rick and Michonne brainstorm ideas for getting the walkers away from the fence. Before that’s possible, however, they have to reinforce the wall. Tobin (Jason Douglas), one of the few Alexandrians to trust Rick, helps him build supports and tries to convince Rick not to give up on the less zombie apocalypse-tested residents.

Showing his ignorance, Deanna’s son Spencer (Austin Nichols) decides to try to rappel down the outside wall. Rick screams at him to come back up, but before he can change course, the rope slackens and Spencer falls into the pit of zombies. Tara (Alanna Masterson) leans over the wall to shoot at walkers while Rick and Morgan manage to pull Spencer back to safety. Rick reprimands Spencer, who tells him he was trying to find a car to lead the walkers away from the town.

Later on, Morgan heads to the infirmary to get antibiotics from Denise (Merritt Wever). Denise realizes that the drugs aren’t for him, so Morgan decides to lead her to the townhouse that holds the jail cell. Carol, who watches the odd chain of events, stops by the townhouse after dropping by Jessie’s house. When she gets there, Morgan will neither let her in nor tell her whom he’s keeping in the cell.

On his return to Alexandria, Glenn comes across David, who, as predicted has turned fully. After stabbing him through the head, Glenn picks up the farewell note that he had penned to his wife. Glenn restarts the trek back to Alexandria, note in hand, before deciding to track down Enid. Eventually, he finds her in a restaurant, and following a short battle over a gun, gets her to agree to head back to Alexandria with him.

Eventually the two arrive at Alexandria, but they find it surrounded by the walkers. Though Enid is ready to give up hope of getting back in, Glenn insists they try to get through. While they remain outside the city walls, Maggie spots the green balloons that Glenn and Enid had inflated floating into the sky and realizes it must be a sign from her husband. The joy is short lived, however, as soon the watchtower falls over, taking a span of the wall protecting them from the zombies with it.

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