Rick and Carl are reunited with baby Judith after escaping becoming dinner at Terminus in The Walking Dead's Season 5 premiere "No Sanctuary."


Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Glenn (Steven Yeun), Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) found themselves in a boxcar at Terminus at the end of Season 4, and Season 5 picks up with them in more danger than ever, as Terminus is revealed as the opposite of a sanctuary for survivors. Instead, inhabitants of Terminus lure innocents in with the promise of survival and eat them.

In the boxcar, the group scrambles to turn anything they have into weapons – mostly clothes – and try to come up with an effective game plan to escape with their lives, but it’s useless. The group is incapacitated with tear gas before the doors of the boxcar even open, and are dragged helplessly into the Terminus slaughterhouse.

Men in plastic aprons are cutting up dead bodies and beating people to death with baseball bats. Glenn is next in line to be killed, but Gareth (Andrew J West) stops them. Instead, he zeroes in on Bob, who tries to plead with him and tells him they have a man with a cure, but Gareth doesn’t care. He wants to know what was in the bag Rick hid in the woods before returning to Terminus – Rick says it was full of guns. As the executioners are preparing to bash Glenn’s head in, gunshots ring out from outside, followed by a large explosion.

Carol And Tyreese Rescue Rick & Co.

After hearing gunshots from the Terminus and taking a Terminus hostage while on walker patrol, Carol (Melissa McBride) heads towards Terminus to save their friends, leaving Tyreese (Chad L Coleman) and baby Judith with their hostage. Still reeling from losing Mika and Lizzie, Tyreese isn’t ready to be violent yet, to kill. The hostage tries to appeal to Tyreese, chatting him up, trying to seduce him to the dark side by calling baby Judith a burden that will get him killed. “You’re a good guy. That’s why you’re gonna die today. That’s why the baby’s gonna die,” the hostage tells Tyreese.

Meanwhile, Carol disguises herself as a walker to get close to Terminus and see what has happened. She gets up to the fence and sees Rick, Glenn, Daryl and Bob being dragged around, hands bound. Quick on her feet, Carol sees a group of walkers closing in on Terminus and uses her riffle to blow up a gas tank, breaking down the protective fence surrounding Terminus and letting the walkers in while also giving her friends a chance to escape.

In the slaughterhouse, Gareth leaves Rick, Glenn, Daryl and Bob with two henchmen to investigate, giving them the opportunity to overpower their captors. In the boxcar, Carl and Maggie rally the others to prepare to fight with Rick and the others when they return, and return they do. Rick, Glenn, Daryl and Bob scavenge the slaughterhouse for weapons and plan to distract the walkers away from the boxcar where other Terminus hostages are being held.

At Terminus, Carol runs into Mary (Denise Crosby), who insists that Terminus is the sanctuary it claimed to be, but, years ago, when they were invaded by a murderous gang, they realized that this new world was kill or be killed, and they have lived that way ever since. Carol wasn’t impressed, and shot Mary in the leg, leaving her to be eaten by the walkers.

Rick And Carl Reunite With Judith

After their escape, the gang heads into the forest to retrieve Rick’s bag of weapons, as hungry walkers descend on Terminus. Rick wanted to kill all the cannibals escaping from Terminus, but the others were content with simply letting the survivors run for their lives. Rick’s rampage never happens, however, as the group is surprised by Carol’s sudden reappearance. Daryl runs to give her a hug, and even Rick embraces Carol upon their reunion. Carol takes them back to the cabin and reunites Rick and Carl with baby Judith.

As for the hostage, Tyreese got his fight back when the hostage got his hands on baby Judith and threatened to kill her. The hostage kicked Tyreese out of the cabin without any weapons, into the arms of ranging walkers, but he quickly realized his mistake. Tyreese fought off the walkers without his gun and knife, and then returned to get rid of the hostage.

Eugene's "Weaponized Diseases"

Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), sick of Eugene’s (Josh McDermitt) silence on how he plans to stop the walkers, challenges him to prove himself and reveal the cure. Eugene claims that, even if he did explain the cure, it would go over her head, but he does reveal that whatever made the walkers started when he worked on a government project developing biological weapons, or weaponized diseases, to fight other weaponized diseases. Eugene says there’s a sort of failsafe in DC that could release a weaponized disease to kill all living things. He thinks that he can tweak it and make it kill all walkers, for good.

Finally together and free of the Terminus threat, the group continues down another set of railroad tracks, supposedly heading for DC. In the last scene, Morgan (Lennie James) was seen following the same railroad tracks.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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