The Walking Dead just wrapped up its third season, and already the series has released a video outlining what can be expected for season four.

For starters, the Governor is still around. After slaughtering members of his group, he took off with Martinez, but there’s no reason to believe that he won’t be meeting Rick and the prison group again. “The Governor is still out there,” says co-executive producer Denise Huth. “The war is not over. Rick and our group here won the first round and scared him off.”

In the season finale, Carl’s darker side was further crystallized when he shot down a surrendering young boy form the Governor’s army. After having already shot his own mother, it’s uncertain if Carl has a chance at a less cynical look at life. “Carl’s changing,” says Huth. “It’s a huge wake-up call for Rick. And it’s a big fear for him moving into the next season. Is Carl going to be Rick, or is Carl going to be the Governor? And right now Carl could go either way.”

Many grew tired of life on the farm in The Walking Dead’s second season. The third season mixed it up a little bit with the survivors moving between the prison and Woodbury. Next season promises to be even less static. “We will be getting into more world building, more civilization being brought back,” says Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. “A little bit more of a bigger sense of community."

Other things to be on the lookout for next season: Maggie and Glen’s relationship, Michonne’s growth as a member of a community, and Rick’s task of being a leader of a much larger group.

For even more insight into The Walking Dead season 4, watch the video below:

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  • Brandt
    Brandt on

    The season started out great but the finale was sort of a popcorn fart in comparison. Just when we thought they had the pacing issues and kinks worked out you wonder what the heck is going on. I expected more and it left me shrugging my shoulders rather than biting my nails. Until next season, if you love or loathe zombies as much as I do, be sure to check out 20 of the Greatest Zombie Movies of All Time reviewed at with some really cool zombie artwork!

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