The Walking Dead began with a flashback featuring the Governor (David Morrissey) in the early days following his flight from Woodbury. With only his lackeys Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo) and Shumpert at his side, the Governor appears to have lost whatever stability he’d been holding onto. He awakes one day to find himself completely alone, deserted by the last two men who’d stood by his side.

The Governor then makes a return to Woodbury, lighting the ideal apocalypse community aflame, as it's now solely the breeding ground for walkers. For months, the disgraced leader wanders about, completely letting himself go and teetering on death. Just when it looks like he’s ready to completely quit his fight to live, the Governor comes across a small family of survivors.

The Governor Bonds With Family Of Survivors

Inside the residence, the Governor meets an ailing patriarch named Don, his two adult daughters Lily and Tara and Lily’s daughter Megan. In order to be welcomed into the home, the Governor, who goes by Brian Herriot now, merely needs to hand over his gun. They set “Brian” up in a room in the apartment complex and give him food, which he declines to eat.

The Governor later learns that the group has been able to stay holed up throughout the entire zombie apocalypse and have never had to take out a walker or learned that the National Guard isn’t coming to the rescue. He’s then asked to fetch a game from next door and snag an oxygen tank from a nearby nursing home, both of which he does without hesitation. He later bonds with Megan, telling her that he lost his eye while protecting others.


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Over several weeks, the Governor finds himself in a comfortable domestic situation with the family and has cleaned up his appearance. He leaps into action to protect Megan, Lily and Tara when the father dies and subsequently turns into a walker. Using an oxygen tank, he bashes his head in, killing the newly turned walker. The girls, who hadn’t known their father would turn upon his death, decide that it’s in their best interest to stay close to the Governor. When he tells them he wants to get back on the road, they insist on joining him. It’s not long before Lily and the Governor develop a romantic relationship and he’s saving their lives again.

The Governor Saves Megan

The truck the new makeshift family is traveling in breaks down, forcing them to travel on foot. Things only get worse when Tara sprains her ankle, and then a pack of walkers descends upon them. Lily supports Tara to help her make a getaway, while the Governor scoops up Megan and starts running into the forest. Not being able to see where he’s going, the Governor falls with Megan into a pit filled with walkers. Somehow, he manages to take them all out. When he’s able to look up, he sees Martinez peering down at him.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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