On the March 7 episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, things got off to a good start with baking cookies but ended in a bloody battle and kidnappings.

‘WALKING DEAD’ RECAP: Season 6, Episode 12

The show picked up right where it left off from last week with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) returning with supplies and food. He also calls for a meeting at the church. Carol (Melissa McBride) decided to bake acorn and beet cookies while the team was away and got cozy with Tobin (Jason Douglas.)

During the meeting in the church, it is decided that the team will carry out Maggie’s (Lauren Cohan) plan to attack the Saviors. He convinced the Alexandria people that they must carry out the plan in order to survive. He urged that if they don’t attack soon, the Saviors will attack first.

Rick, Michonne (Danai Gurira), and Glenn (Steven Yeun) work on a plan for breaking into the Savior compound. They plan to go in at night, and the guards will let them in. The Saviors demand Gregory’s head and they oblige, but the Grimes’ team decides to trick them with a Walker’s head instead.

The guards are sufficiently tricked and all hell breaks loose as Rick and his team turn the Saviors into a bloody mess. Before they are fully successful, an escaped guard pulls the alarm to alert the rest of the sleeping town. Gunfire starts and all that is left is a pile of Savior bodies. Their plan was a bloody success.

As the sun rises, Rick’s team surveys the grounds and start collecting supplies but Michonne feels a little uneasy. She wants to know which one was Negan. Before she can fully voice her uneasiness, a lone survivor peels away on a motorcycle but not before Daryl (Norman Reedus) gets his hands on him. Before he can finish him off, a walkie talkie blares asking for Rick.

An unknown female voice on the other end tells him that they aren’t coming out, but she knows they will want to talk. “We’ve got a Carol and a Maggie; figure that’s something you wanna talk about.”

The sneak peek of next week shows the captured Carol and Maggie tied up with a new character informing them there is no way out unless she says so. Could she be Negan?

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