The Walking Dead ended last week with Daryl (Norman Reedus) returning from the woods with an unknown someone. Instead of that someone being revealed during Sunday night’s episode, The Walking Dead zeroed in its focus on Beth.

'The Walking Dead' Recap

Beth Greene’s (Emily Kinney) fate has been uncertain ever since she was picked up by a white car and went missing. It’s now been revealed that she was taken to Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital with stitches on her cheek and a cast on her hand. Dr. Steven Edwards and Dawn Lerner (Christine Woods) pay her a visit in her room and tell her that they’d rescued her from a zombie attack – which means she owes them.

At some point in the near future, Beth begins to work off the debt she owes. Among her various tasks are disposing of zombie victims down an elevator shaft, and helping one particular patient that the doctors were adamant about saving. In between jobs, Beth had to dodge the lecherous affections of Gorman, one of Dawn’s officers. As for Steven, he’s the lone person at the facility who has been genuinely kind towards her.

After Steven advised Beth to change out of the bloodied shirt she had on from helping with Tevitt, she learns that a fellow debter named Noah (Tyler James Williams) left a lollipop in her pocket. Before Beth can strike up a conversation with Noah, a new patient named Joan gets wheeled in. Beth asks Noah why Joan had tried to escape when she could just work off the rest of her debt and she'd get let out. Noah implies that no one actually gets freed.

Beth eventually finds Gorman sucking on her lollipop. When she shows up, he tries to shove it into her mouth. Things start to go in an even worse direction, but are abruptly ended when Steven interrupts. Beth tries to find out from Steven why he’s stayed in the awful hospital, and he says it’s simply because it’s preferable to being on one’s own with the zombies outside.

Working off Steven’s orders, Beth gave Trevitt an injection that, to her surprise, killed him. Dawn was livid, so Noah took the blame. He consequently received a beating, despite the fact that she knew it was Beth’s fault. Dawn also turned a blind eye to Gorman forcing himself on June, saying, “The happier my officers are, the harder they work to keep us going.”

Realizing just how deprave the place was, Beth and Noah decided to try to make a break for it. Bypassing Joan, who was fast turning into a zombie after reversing her treatments, and outwitting Gorman, both Beth and Noah make it outside. However, only Noah was able to fend off the zombies and get to safety. Beth, meanwhile, was picked up by the guards.

Back inside, Beth’s punishment was a relatively mild beating from Dawn. She also learned her friendship with Steven was over. After all, it turned out that he’d tricked her into killing Trevitt because he was a doctor and was therefore competition for him. His confession makes Beth want to kill him. Her plans will have to wait though, as Carol is wheeled into the hospital.

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