New York Indie rock band, The Strokes, launched new music and album release date at a Bernie Sanders’ rally in Durham, New Hampshire Monday night.

For their first show ever in New Hampshire, lead singer Julian Casablancas made his way to the stage wearing a loud and saturated two-piece ensemble embellished with comic book style acclamations. He started off the night with a rendition of the 1983 hit by the Talking Heads, “Burning Down the House,” in front of 7,500 Bernie Sanders supporters.


Later into their set, the band played a new song titled, “Bad Decisions,” premiered their music video for “At the Door” and announced the release date, April 10, for their latest album, The New Abnormal. This new album, produced by Rick Rubin, will be their first full-length album in seven years. Their last studio album was 2013’s Comedown Machine and in 2016, they released their Future Present Past EP. 

In a press statement before their set, Casablancas expressed his reasons for investing in the Democratic president hopeful. He called the Senator a “dedicated, diligent and trustworthy patriotand a fellow New Yorker! As the only truly non-corporate candidate, Bernie Sanders represents our only chance to overthrow corporate power and help return America to democracy.” 

The Stokes shared the stage with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sunflower Bean, Cynthia Nixon and Dr. Cornel West, who presented speeches and performed earlier that evening.

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