Waylon Smithers Jr. (voiced by Harry Shearer) is ready to come out as gay to The Simpsons audience.


The new episode, premiering this Sunday, is titled “The Burns Cage,” and it is inspired by the personal story of one of The Simpsons writers.

The episode will center around Smithers realizing his love for his boss, Mr. Burns will never be reciprocated which is when Homer Simpson steps in to try and set him up.

For many seasons, it has been hinted that Smithers was gay but it was never addressed. Smithers hangs out in Springfield’s gay district, vacations at an all-male resort, wears rainbow striped short shorts, and has had long had a crush on his boss. Producers for The Simpsons have even joked that Smithers is “Burns-sexual.”

The show’s official Twitter tweeted, “Smithers adores (his) Mr. Burns. #TheSimpsons”

The new episode premieres Sunday at 8 PM EST on Fox.

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