On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, drama followed the ladies to Jamaica where Kenya Moore seemed to be the initial cause of it. The ladies are in Jamaica to shoot a commercial for Cynthia Bailey‘s new eye makeup line.

During Bailey’s meeting with Kim Fields and Moore, the Jamaican trip quickly goes from good to bad. Moore accuses Bailey of being unprofessional because she is going along with Fields’ idea for the commercial pitch, even after Moore missed the initial pitch meeting.

After an exchange of words, Moore attacks Fields personally by pulling Fields’ chair out from the table with the housewife still sitting in it. Fields stays calm even with fury in her eyes while Bailey could only watch the dispute.

Later in the evening at dinner, Peter Thomas asks what had happened earlier and Moore, still furious from the meeting, says, “I would like to just take one of these lanterns and set my ass on fire than talk about this.”

Thomas responds, “Someone give her the motherf–king lantern.”

As Fields begins to explain her side of the story, Moore leaves the table. After the departure, Fields’ husband, Chris, explains to Bailey that she needed to take control of the situation: “As boss, you’re the only one that can [do this]. Simply go to Kenya and say I made a decision and I need you as my friend to live with it.”

“And also say, ‘You’re not my BFF,'” NeNe Leakes chimes in.

The comment gets back to Moore the next morning and she decides to confront Fields. “In my mind, we’re not best friends yet,” she declares.



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