Superhero comedies don't usually do well at the box office, but maybe that's because they don't always star Seth Rogen. The Pineapple Express star pushed The Green Hornet to the top, grossing an estimated $34 million in the three-day holiday weekend.

The Green Hornet topped last spring's Kick-Ass, which grossed $19.8 million, to become the best opening weekend for a live-action superhero comedy ever. Finishing in the number two spot was The Dilemma, starring Vince Vaughn (pictured) and Kevin James, which took in $17.4 million.

Award-nominated films continued to do well, as the Joel and Ethan Coen western True Grit took third place with $10.9 million, The King's Speech, for which Colin Firth won a Best Actor Golden Globe on Sunday, was in fourth with $9.2 million and Black Swan, which Natalie Portman won the Golden Globe for Best Actress for, ended in fifth place, with a gross of $8.4 million. All three movies were nominated in the Best Picture, Drama category at the Golden Globes and are expected to be nominated to the Best Picture category at the Academy Awards as well. —ISHITA SINGH

Read below for full box office totals:

Title, Weekend Gross; Total Gross*
1. The Green Hornet, $33.7 million; $33.7 million
2. The Dilemma, $17.8 million; $17.8 million
3. True Grit, $10.9 million; $126.1 million
4. The King's Speech, $9.2 million; $44.7 million
5. Black Swan, $8.4 million; $73.2 million
6. Little Fockers, $7.2 million; $134.3 million
7. Tron: Legacy, $5.7 million; $156.9 million
8. Yogi Bear, $5.3 million; $82.1 million
9. The Fighter, $5.1 million; $65.7 million
10. Season of the Witch, $4.5 million, $18 million
*Based on the three-day weekend, does not include figures from Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

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