The Good Wife episode “Dramatics, Your Honor” centered on the murder trial of Jeffrey Grant (Hunter Parrish). Will (Josh Charles) is Jeffrey’s champion, defending him out of a true belief in his innocence, while others still remain skeptical.

The Good Wife Recap

Will’s major point of contention in the case is the “touch” DNA evidence, which he thinks is a false positive. With the help of Kalinda (Archie Panjabi), he gets hold of photos that show that both the victim Dani Littlejohn and Jeffrey had checked out the same book from the same library. However, the lead ends when they discover that Dani had gone swimming afterwards, which would have washed away any DNA.

Another suspect in the case is a professor. However, he claims to have an alibi that would have made it impossible to kill Dani Littlejohn. Worried that their son might not be able to get out of jail with Will’s defense, the Grants put a call into Florrick/Agos for a second opinion. Instead of taking over the case, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) gives Will a heads up that his clients are looking elsewhere.


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Alicia Deposed Over Voting Scandal

Still dealing with the voting fraud scandal, Alicia submits to a deposition with the office of public integrity’s Nelson Dubeck doing the questioning. He interrogates her about her meeting with Will the previous day. After she repeatedly denies ever having seen the tape showing the voting files, the investigator takes a turn for the personal, asking if there’s an affair going on between them. Dubeck, responding to Alicia’s charge that the investigation is lacking if he’s going the personal route, insists that there was a voting conspiracy.

Will, meanwhile, meets with Kalinda, who once again is threatening to leave the firm. When Will shrugs off Kalinda telling him she’s going to be leaving, she tells him that this time it's for real. She doesn’t plan on going to work for Florrick/Agos either, she’s just tired of being an investigator. Earlier, her new boyfriend Cary (Matt Czuchry) told a confused Alicia that they’re dating.

Jeffrey Grant Shoots, Kills Will Gardner

Finishing her work on Jeffrey Grant’s case before making her exit from Lockhart/Gardner, Kalinda discovers that Jeffrey and Dani had been treated at the same hospital, bolstering their “touch” DNA argument. In trial, the lawyers argue heatedly over the evidence, while Jeffrey slowly becomes unhinged, noticeably eyeing the court officer’s gun. Diane (Christine Baranski), in a neighboring courtroom, hears four gunshots fired. Kalinda peers into the Jeffrey Grant trial room and spots the accused trying to kill himself, but he’s out of bullets. Both Will and the other attorney are badly wounded.

While Will is taken to the hospital, Diane phones up Will’s sisters. She calls Alicia as well, but she’s out at a dinner and doesn’t pick up. At the hospital, they find that Will didn’t make it. Kalinda gets in touch with Eli (Alan Cumming), who’s at the dinner with Alicia. He pulls her aside and hands her the phone. Then the screen goes black.

The Good Wife airs Sundays on CBS at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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