As the final episodes of The Good Wife are coming to a close, viewers are on the edge of their couch cushions to see the result of the ongoing war at Lockhart, Agos & Lee and Peter’s now-inevitable indictment.

‘THE GOOD WIFE’: Season 7, Episode 18 Recap

The show kicks off with Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Jason (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) back in bed and talking about religion and the effects of their choices. Alicia leaves to fulfill her duties as Illinois’ first lady and she leaves her scandal in bed, waiting for her. What she wasn’t planning for was the arrival of Peter (Chris Noth) who uses his key to get into the apartment.

The awkward standoff between Peter and Jason could have been worse but Jason decided to calm out his pants back on and leave without a scratch — besides a spilt coffee cup out of his hand. “We are still married,” Peter aggressively tells Jason before he leaves. Peter continues to berate Jason with questions that should have been directed towards Alicia. Jason simply says: “You’re in my way.” The confrontation ends with Peter threatening Jason to beat him up but rethinks it and finally lets him leave. Alicia arrives home later to no Jason and contemplates her choices.

But before she can figure out her life decisions, she is in court defending a therapist whose clients are quitting due to a strange drone flying over his house. The judge in the case rules that the drone can fly because it is used for security purposes at The doctor, not happy with the verdict, decides to shoot the drone out of the sky and ultimately she loses the case when her client has to pay damages. The client then shoots a second drone out of the sky and it forces Alicia to drop the case that she was never going to win.

Back at the office, things aren’t getting any easier. The first set of problems are that Diane (Christina Baranski) and Cary (Matt Czuchry) move Howard down to the 27th floor to give Alicia a better office. Second, David decides to fire back by burying Lucca under a 50-state survey. And when Alicia asks Cary for help with the Lucca situation, Cary in exchange asks Alicia not to side with Diane. But in a very frustrating moment, Alicia continues to pretend she doesn’t know what’s going on. She insists it’s between Diane and Cary and that she cannot take sides.

Later, Diane insists that Alicia should be partner in the firm but is shot down by Cary. David Lee (Zach Griener) tries to cut a deal with Cary so that he can earn more money if he votes for Alicia to be partner. Cary follows that up with another no and ultimately quitting.

Meanwhile in Alicia’s personal life, it’s getting more and more distracting. She runs into Jason and finds out that she ran into Peter and tries to convince him that their relationship is only about sex. Alicia convinces him to talk to her later that night in her apartment. After seeing Jason, Alicia finally confronts Peter and asks for a divorce.

Peter tries to bring up her affair with Jason but Alicia wants nothing to do with it. “This is me not caring,” she tells him. Peter informs her that he’s about to be indicted, to which her reaction is simply, “Peter you’re always being indicted.”

As Alicia arrives home, Jason is there waiting for her. Peter calls on her for one last favor before they sign the divorce papers: to stand by him while he is indicted to make it look like he isn’t guilty. Viewers don’t know whether she is will agree to it until next week.

With only five episodes left, catch The Good Wife Sunday nights on CBS at 9 p.m. EST.

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