Alicia’s life post-Lockhart/Gardner continued to spiral out of control with her new law firm taking up residency in her apartment on this week’s episode of The Good Wife, “The Next Day.”

Diane (Christine Baranski) woke up on the first day of trial for her last case which centers on a defective gun. When she arrives at court, she is promptly whisked away to the judge’s chambers where she comes face to face with Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Cary (Matt Czuchry). The plaintiff, Heather (Maria Dizzia), is suing a gun manufacturer because her husband was murdered when his cheap handgun dropped to the ground and accidentally went off. Heather has never dealt with Diane, or any lawyer from Lockhart/Gardner other than Alicia, and she went straight to Alicia when she found out she would be represented by Diane. Diane is quickly dismissed from the case, and Florrick/Agos has their first official case at trial. Things appear to be moving along for the new firm, but Lockhart/Gardner won’t go down without a fight. Will (Josh Charles) does whatever he can to impede Cary and Alicia’s case, including sending them cardboard boxes filled with fake rats and redacted files, forcing Alicia to take their inter-firm conflict to the disciplinary board that suspended Will.

In the end, Florrick/Agos gets the files, but their slam dunk is swiped right out from under them when they find themselves in need of yet another set of files kept by Lockhart/Gardner. Heather returns to Lockhart/Gardner for representation, and Alicia and Cary are left out in the cold.

Meanwhile, Alicia also has to deal with constant interruptions from Marilyn Garbanza (Melissa George), chair of Peter Florrick’s (Chris Noth) ethics commission. Marilyn spends the entire episode hanging around Alicia’s apartment/offices, trying to get a few minutes with Alicia while also trying not to be overcome with morning sickness. She says she just wants to go over the ethics for start up companies, but what she’s really after is to determine if Peter’s speech on Internet taxation was prompted by Florrick/Agos being denied the Chumhum account. Alicia confronts her about her snooping, and Marilyn warns Alicia that she should instruct Cary not to talk to outsiders – he revealed that Peter was in the apartment when they were initially denied the Chumhum account.

In other Governor business, Diane was devastated when Peter finally called her and told her that he is, in fact, switching gears and has decided not to nominate her for Illinois Supreme Court. Devastated, Diane turns to Will and asks to stay at Lockhart/Gardner. Will warns her that, if she comes back, she better be prepared to go to war with Florrick/Agos. He wants their new firm dead, and he will do whatever it takes. Diane agrees.

In his first act of war, Will buys out Wallis & Frey, a tax lawfirm that offered Florrick/Agos a partnership: office space for shared clients. While Cary was firmly against the idea, Alicia knows that the longer they go without offices, the less likely Florrick/Agos will survive as a real firm. The issue is just being put to a vote when Wallis & Frey call with the news that they are no longer on the market for partners thanks to the buy out. Lockhart/Gardner: 1. Florrick/Agos: 0.

In other news, Will has a new, and very strange, girlfriend Isabel (Hannah Leigh Sorenson), who encourages him to get a tattoo and also jokes – or maybe doesn’t joke? – about having a baby with Will. And Grace (Makenzie Vega) is getting suspiciously close to Carey Zepps (Ben Rappaport), who shares her Christian faith, and is too close to Florrick/Agos business for Alicia’s liking.

The Good Wife returns with “The Next Week” Sundays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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