The Good Wife brought back Emmy-winning guest star, Carrie Preston as Elsbeth to represent Lockhart/Gardner in a sexual harassment suit and Diane uncovered Alicia's plans to leave the firm in “Outside the Bubble.”

Chrissy Quinn (Tracee Chimo), a paralegal, has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Lockhart/Gardner and is being represented by Diane’s nemesis, Viola Walsh (Rita Wilson). Quinn alleges that Diane (Christine Baranski) told her to prostitute herself to a client and that Howard Lyman (Jerry Adler) tried to rape her, among other allegations. In order to retain their clients, Lockhart/Gardner refused to settle for $2 million and hired Elsbeth Tascioni (Preston) to represent them in court.

Elsbeth quickly did away with the allegations, although the claim that Howard Lyman tried to rape her proved a bit trickier than originally thought. Lyman has a habit of napping in his office sans certain clothing items and his antics almost cost Lockhart/Gardner the trial. Thankfully, Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) stepped forward and testified against Chrissy about their ongoing office flirtation.


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The lawsuit forced an awkward reunion between Will (Josh Charles) and Diane, but the pair were able to begrudgingly make a deal for her exit package: Diane will see her gun control case through and keep her contract with Sonya Rucker (Sonja Sohn) and then, and only then, will she accept the exit package Will had offered her last week. Despite the drama going on in her professional life, Diane was able to find some nugget of bliss by marrying Kurt (Gary Cole). Despite a reappearance by old law school friends, who made Diane doubt her compatibility with gun-totting, right wing-voting Kurt, Diane said ‘I Do’ anyways.

Meanwhile, Jackie (Mary Beth Peil) manipulated Eli (Alan Cumming) into handing over control of Peter’s inaugural ball and decorating Peter’s (Chris Noth) offices as Governor, and Diane uncovered Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Cary’s (Matt Czuchry) plan to leave Lockhart/Gardner.

When looking through the partner database at work to download the Sonya Rucker file, Diane noticed that Alicia had also been looking at the file. She confronted Alicia about it, but saw right through Alicia’s lie and went to Sonya Rucker to try to get it out of her. In her meeting with Sonya, Diane dropped a few hints about leaving the firm and Rucker confirmed Diane’s suspicions: the Governor’s wife was leaving Lockhart/Gardner and starting her own firm.

The episode ended with Diane marching into Will’s office and warning him, “Alicia’s leaving the firm with Cary, and she’s taking our top clients.”

Next week’s episode of The Good Wife, “Hitting the Fan,” will definitely be a huge episode for the series, what with Lockhart/Gardner being a thing of the past for Alicia and Will and Alicia finally coming to blows. The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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