The CW released the first official trailer for the seventh season of the popular comic book show The Flash. The first three episodes of The Flash season 7 will conclude the ongoing story arc of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) trying to save his wife Iris (Candice Patton) and take down the villain Eva McCullough/Mirror Master (Efrat Dor). The storyline was supposed to conclude at the end of season 6. However, like many television series, the show’s production of the final three episode was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The real plot of season 7 will begin after the three episodes surrounding the Mirror Master story arc are released.

The trailer opens with an extremely brief flashback of Barry in a coma and Iris accidentally getting a tiny zap to the finger when she goes to touch a comatose Barry’s hand. The trailer then shows footage of Barry trying to create another Speed Force after the previous one was destroyed during the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) states that a person’s greatest weapon against darkness isn’t their superpowers, but their humanity and love for each other. While Joe vows that they will get Iris back, Barry is shown to be unsure. The audience is shown footage from season 6 where Iris is trapped in a dimension called the “Mirrorverse.”

Barry notes that Eva is all-powerful to which Cisco (Carlos Valdes) confirms as she can control any reflective surface in addition to mirrors. After footage of Barry and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) fighting Eva is seen, Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh) tells Barry that anyone can save the world with their might, but it takes a real hero to do it with his heart. The trailer then shows Barry telling Cisco that he knows how to open a portal to the mirrorverse. Iris is soon revealed to be trying to escape the Mirrorverse only to be approached by a clone of herself. The Iris clone jokes that she is a product of her broken mind when asked what she is. The trailer cuts to Barry going up against Eva, demanding her to give him back his wife. Barry’s team warns him that he only has one percent of his speed left and must make it count. The trailer cuts to Barry finally generating lightning while he runs, possibly confirming that his goal to create another Speed Force was successful. Towards the end of the trailer, Nash says the now iconic line “Run Barry, run,” right before cutting to the title card.

After months of delays, the seventh season of The Flash will finally premiere on March 2.

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