Amanda and Sara Eldritch, twins who had been featured in an episode of The Doctors concerning their shared Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), were found dead on March 30. The sisters, 33, were both shot, with police currently believing the shooting was a suicide pact.


The Eldritch sisters were parked at a rest stop in Canon City, Colorado. Driving to this location takes roughly three hours from their house. A Fremont County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson speaking with The Daily News said, “We believe it to be either a suicide pact or a homicide/suicide. It will take ballistic testing to determine.”


The twins suffered from a severe case of OCD. In 2015, they both underwent deep brain stimulation surgery, becoming the first people in their state to do so. Those with Parkinson’s disease are usually given this treatment, which involves planting electrode wires onto the patient’s brain. Although the surgeries did help the twins, some phobias still remained.

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Both women admitted how they had an unhealthy obsession with the cleanliness of their bodies, telling 9news how they each could easily go through five bottles of rubbing alcohol a day, applying it to their skin. “There was one point when we were using so much hydrogen peroxide on our faces that it turned our eyebrows orange,” Amanda admitted. Moreover, they both took 10-hour showers and when they needed to leave their house, they stopped eating and drinking for fear of using a public restroom.

Kathy Worland, their mother, was heartbroken over her daughters’ condition. As the two were unable to work, Worland has paid for the various medications and treatments her girls required, not to mention the wealth of disinfectants and cleaning supplies. She admitted to 9news that, when shopping once or twice a week, she’d keep $200 just for her daughters’ rubbing alcohol, gloves and wipes.


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On their The Doctors segment, the women discussed the anxiety that plagues them regarding their germ consciousness, as well as their fear of being separated from each other. Both clips can be seen below:

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