In The Blacklist explosive episode, “The Cyprus Agency,” Red discovered Diane Fowler as the real mole and Lizzie put the brakes on her adoption plans.

Red (James Spader) exploited Lizzie’s (Megan Boone) desire for a child and sent her on the hunt for The Cyprus Agency, No. 64, a sinister adoption agency. Lizzie and Tom (Ryan Eggold) appear to be on track with their adoption plans while somewhere, a drugged woman wearing nothing but a hospital gown stumbles into the streets and gets the attention of a policeman. A man in a van pulls up and tries to take the woman with him, claiming she is his sister. Unconvinced, the policeman heads to his squad car as the woman mumbles about somebody taking her baby. The man shoots them both and leaves the scene.

The Cyprus Adoption Agency

In Lizzie’s weekly meeting with Red, Red brings up The Cyprus Adoption Agency and gives Lizzie a bit of a monologue on the decision to have a child and adopt. Lizzie is skeptical: how or why would Red choose this moment, when Lizzie herself is on the brink of adopting, to check The Cyprus Adoption Agency off his list? Regardless, Lizzie has no choice but to go where Red leads her.

The Cyprus Adoption Agency promises prospective parents a genetically perfect child. The parents choose what traits they would like in a baby, and they find one perfectly suited to their desires. Of course, ‘find’ most likely means ‘steal,’ and Red sends Lizzie off to talk to a couple scheduled to receive their perfect child soon, the Rowlands.

Lizzie exposes Cyprus to the Rowlands and they agree to go undercover and meet with the Cyprus Agency’s lawyer. The op doesn’t go too smoothly, and the lawyer quickly figures out something is wrong, ends up running into the street and getting hit by a bus.

As for the supposed mole, Meera (Parminder Nagra), Teddy, a creepy man, who becomes convinced of Meera’s innocence, is interrogating her. Meera then reveals to Red that the memo that incriminated her actually came from somebody above her and she wants to help Red find out who it is.

Lizzie gets her hands on Cyprus Agency files and finds records for 27 adoptions in the past three years. She tracks down all 27 children and sample their DNA, but find no matches in the missing children’s database. A quick visit with Red is enough to make Lizzie realize that these children were never reported missing because they were born to women who could not report them as such. With that, Lizzie runs the DNA again for any partial matches and comes up as five missing women. The women are all attractive in their early 20s and were all impregnated after their abductions. Armed with this information, Aram discovers a file in the Cyprus Agency lawyer’s computer that details their next victim, a young Georgetown student. Lizzie and Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) rush over, but they are too late. The creepy man in the van has just taken the woman, drugged her and taken off in his trusty van, hitting Ressler on his way out of the school parking lot.

When the abductor returns to Cyprus headquarters, Mallory, the boss, yells at him for going out when he told everybody to hold off on any plans. The man says that he needed to get this woman to replace the girl he just killed, but Mallory is not impressed and shoots him.

Aram connects the case to a Charles Lassiter Jr., who is really Mallory, and the team heads over to Lassiter’s parents home to question them. The parents reveal that Lassiter was a boy they adopted named Michael Shaw. They had to put him back into foster care after he started threatening them with violence. In hindsight, the couple says, their marriage was not ready for a child. This, of course, triggers something in Lizzie. Is her marriage ready for a child?

Lucky for Lizzie, they get a new lead in the case when they find the dead body from earlier in the episode. After close examination, the doctor reports to Lizzie and Ressler that the woman had been in an induced coma, but had also given birth many times in the past three years and was given good prenatal care. The drugs in her system also give Lizzie and Ressler a lead. They trace the prescription to a fertility doctor employed by Cyprus and head to the offices. After a brief scuffle, which ends with Mallory shot, but not dead, Lizzie finds the sinister truth behind Cyprus: 22 women lie unconscious in a back room, presumably all being used as human incubators.

Mallory explains that he resented the Lassiters for wanting a perfect accessory to their marriage and returning him when he fell short of their expectations. Now, his life work is creating the perfect children, all fathered by him, of course.

When she returns home, Lizzie comes clean with Tom: something’s not right in their marriage and she doesn’t want to bring a baby into that right now. Tom comforts himself with a mysterious woman.

Red Confronts The Mole

As for Red, he was able to determine the true identity of the mole with Meera’s help (though, Meera does not know who the mole is): it’s FBI Director Diane Fowler (Jane Alexander). At night, Red pays Fowler a visit in her home and tells her that he knows she is the mole. Diane does not deny it, and warns him that he will have Fitch to answer to if he hurts her. Red is unmoved by this and shoots her in the stomach. In a last ditch effort to stay alive, Diane tries to tempt Red by telling him that she knows the truth about what happened to his family. Again, Red remains unmoved and kills her.

The Blacklist airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC and will return with new episodes Monday, Feb. 24.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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