The Biggest Loser premiered its 17th season Monday night, and Bob Harper, the new host, welcomed the 16 new contestants to a new house, gym and an extra scale to boot. Harper replaces Alison Sweeney and, with his training background, is sure to get the contestants motivated.

The contestants were matched up with one another to make eight different teams.

The first team is Richard Hatch and Erin Willet. Hatch was the first winner of Survivor, and Willet was a contestant on The Voice. The pair lost a combination of 23 pounds so far.

The second team is Whitney Clay and Felicia Buffkin. The pair lost a combination of 24 pounds.

The third team is Colby and Hope Wright. Wright wants to have a child more then anything and hopes Biggest Loser will help her and her husband. The team lost 28 pounds together.

The fourth team is Vicki and Lauren Clark. The pair are mother and daughter. Vicki is there with daughter Lauren, a 32-year-old nutritionist who can’t overcome the negative voices in her head.

The fifth team is Tonsheia “Toy” Grandison and Britney Anderson. Toy, 43, was emotional when she talked about her time living on the streets and how, while staying at the home of her 27-year-old niece, Britney, her small son drowned in the backyard pool. The pair lost a combination of 15 pounds.

The sixth team is Rob Kidney and Sarah Gilbert. The father-daughter pair are struggling with their lack of confidence. They lost a combination of 37 pounds.

The seventh team is Luis and Roberto Hernandez. The twins, both 36, are the biggest contestants competing. The twins lost 25 pounds together.

The last and eighth team are Stephen and Jacky Kmet. The husband and wife duo lost a combination of 25 pounds.

The first contestant to go home last night was: Britney, who told her aunt on the way out to “stop blocking herself” and to “kill it” at the ranch. “You got this!” she said in tears.

Biggest Loser airs on Monday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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