The Bible miniseries' Episode 4, entitled "Mission,", aired Sunday night on the History Channel and depicted passages from the Holy Book of Jesus on his way into Jerusalem, performing miracles, with his apostles at the Last Supper and his eventual arrest.

Jesus (Diogo Morgado), at this point in his life, is shown to be in possession of great deal of celebrity. He receives shouts of praise from those he passes, and performs miracles upon the lame and sick. As Jesus continues to preach and perform miracles, he attracts a group of followers whom he teaches “The Lord’s Prayer” during the Sermon on the Mount. He is also shown saving an adulterous woman from being stoned by the Pharisees.

On the Sea of Galilee, Jesus is with his disciples as a congregation of his followers has amassed on the shore. He delivers fish from God to the hungry people. The next day, the disciples try to cross the lake, but a storm hinders their progress. Jesus, walking on water, attempts to have Peter follow him across the lake. The disciple sinks as soon as he looks back in distrust, but Jesus reaches out to save him.

When Jesus arrives in Nazarath, he is again greeted by an adoring crowd. After reading a prophecy about the coming of the Messiah in the synagogue, he announces that the scripture has been fulfilled. When he is denounced by a Pharisee for his claims, Jesus alerts his mother Mary (Roma Downey), “It has begun.” He then visits the tomb of Lazarus, and resurrects the man who had been dead for four days.

Pontius Pilate arrives in Jerusalem from Rome and beings to collect taxes from the Jews. The Jews are angered by the revelation that money from their sacred treasury is being used to build an aqueduct. Undercover Romans in the crowd indiscriminately kill the Jews who have gathered in complaint.

Jesus then arrives in Jerusalem on a donkey on the night before Passover. He overturns tables of moneylendors and vendors outside the holy temple steps. On these same steps is where Jesus preaches that one should love their neighbor as they love themselves. One of the Jewish high priests, Caiaphas, takes the opportunity to turn Judas away from Jesus – telling him the prophet is two divisive to be the Messiah.

During the Last Supper, Jesus serves his apostles pita bread, declaring it his body, and wine, declaring it his blood. He announces that this will be their final meal together, as soon a betrayal will lead to his arrest and death. Finally, he relieves Judas to do the betrayal. When Peter (Darwin Shaw) offers to help Jesus, he informs him that he will deny him three times before dawn.

Jesus is eventually arrested by soldiers, and brought to see Caiaphas. When asked if he is the Son of God he says, “I am, and you will see me coming at the right hand of God.” The priests then vote to put Jesus to death.

Next week, Jesus will be brought before the Romans and Pontius Pilot.

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