Some of The Beach Boys’ original members are protesting the group’s upcoming performance at the Safari Club International Convention. It’s a group dedicated to protecting the freedom to hunt, but some of their members have been involved in some pretty controversial situations. Members Brian Wilson and Al Jardine, will be protesting this performance. Wilson posted this tweet to his official Twitter page.

The link on Wilson’s tweet is a petition, that was created by a fan of The Beach Boys. Since it was endorsed by Wilson, the petition has amassed a total of 128,000 signatures. One of the opening paragraphs states: “Wouldn’t it be nice if all the Beach Boys, Stayed away from those who kill for fun?”


The petition also states several points about the members’ choices of which animals they hunt and the types of animals products sold at the convention. Since the year 2000, the Safari Club International has spent a total of $140 million, lobbying for laws that protect hunters and their rights.

The current band’s front-man is Mike Love. Love is a founding member of the band, as well as the cousin of the Wilson family. In a not so loving move back in 2012, Love kicked some members out of the band, due to his ownership of the band’s naming rights.

Love, and The Beach Boys will be performing in Reno, for the convention. Donald Trump Jr. will also be in attendance, as there will be a contest where the winner will go hunting with Trump Jr. in the forests of Alaska. The convention runs from February 5 and ends on February 8.

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