The Bachelorette premiered its ninth season on Sunday, with Desiree Hartsock of The Bachelor’s 17th season meeting the 25 men who will be fighting for her affection –and potentially her hand in marriage – over the coming weeks. Hartsock, 27, who was left without a rose from Sean Lowe in The Bachelor’s waning weeks, works as a bridal stylist.

On Monday, Desiree toured her lavish Malibu digs and caught up with host Chris Harrison before meeting the 25 would-be suitors as they made their grand entrances from their respective limos. One of the more memorable entrances was by Ben, an entrepreneur from Texas who had his son lead the way. Des gave him a rose before the official ceremony, along with Iraq war veteran Bryden and Zak W., who not only went shirtless for his first impression, but tried to stun the Bachelorette with his cannonball skills.

One guy who failed to impress the new Bachelorette was a lawyer by the name of Jonathan. Asking Des to spend the night in the fantasy suite with him saw Jonathan get a premature elimination from the show. Also among the less suave was Larry, an ER doctor who tried to dance his way into Des’ heart only to wind up ripping the train on her dress. There was also a magician named Nick who got the boot after a magic trick nearly set Des on fire.

During the night's rose ceremony, Ben, Zak, Michael, Bryden, Nick M., Drew, Brandon, Zack K., Will, Brooks, Juan Pablo, Brad, Kasey, James, Robert, Brian, Dan, Chris, Jeff and Mikey all received the flower to move forward on the dating show. Going home are Larry, Nick the magician, Diogo, Mike R., the dental student, and the creeper Jonathan.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC at 9/8c. Watch the promo for the new season below:

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