The Bachelorette’s infamous "Men Tell All" special began with Desiree Hartsock and host Chris Harrison crashing some Bachelorette viewing parties. J.P. Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert also joined in on the fun, followed by Jason Mesnick and Trista Sutter.

Before sitting down to face the congregation of dumped former suitors, Des looks for some advice from Emily Maynard, Ashley and Ali Fedotowsky. They’re generally conflicted as to whether she should play it cool or get tough. Prior to Des’ appearance on stage the audience has already decided who to be nice to and who to admonish – James Case and Ben Scott get the boos, while Juan Pablo Galavis gets all the love.

Audience favorite Juan Pablo suavely answers Chris’ question about the drama in the house from out in the audience. He states that the house was very competitive – something he didn’t quite understand. He was there to be himself, befriend the guys he’d be living with and hopefully continue to get roses from Des, chemistry permitting.

Michael Garofola didn’t think the show could foster anything but competition from the guys, and says he was surprised there wasn’t more drama. Jonathan Vollinger apologizes to Bachelorette viewers, the rest of the guys and Des for his sleazy attempt to get her into the Fantasy Suite on night one. Kasey Stewart fights back waterworks recounting his time in the house. Brian Jaronsinski, who was exposed for having a girlfriend, didn’t even bother to show up.

In the hot seat, Ben tries to defend himself and quell the suggestion that he had two different personas – one for the camera and one for off. He’s challenged repeatedly about his parenting and baby mama. James likewise tries to defend his behavior during the course of the show, dismissing the idea that his real goal was to try to become the next Bachelor star. He pulls Mikey Tenerelli into the plot as well.

When Juan Pablo takes the stage, he admits he wouldn’t want a guy like James near his daughter, but likes him as a friend. Speaking about his daughter, Juan Pablo says he doesn’t have much time to date because he spends time with her on most weekends. Looking more and more like the ideal next bachelor, he goes on to say he’d like to settle down and add a couple more kids to his brood.

Zak Waddell admits to Chris that he had zero expectations walking onto the reality dating show, which is why he thinks he fell so hard for Des. Zak also reveals that he generally has a tough time meeting women, and is less than eager to go back out on the prowl. He’s also still pining after Des, who he claims to be in love with.

Finally, it’s Desiree’s turn in the hot seat. She receives apologies and explanations from Jonathan, Ben and James – all of whom played her false to some degree. She reveals, to little surprise from the audience, that sending home Juan Pablo saw her get some hate mail. Lastly, she tries to give Zak some closure as to why she had to send him home, which had to do her feeling that he used humor to mask his deeper feelings.

In the upcoming 2-part season finale, Chris promises an unexpected ending that will be the “most emotionally intense” Bachelor/Bachelorette finale in history. The first part airs next Monday on ABC at 8/7c.

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