The Bachelorette brought Desiree Hartsock and her remaining suitors from Munich to Barcelona, Spain, for their sixth week in trying to win her affections. As in weeks past, Chris Harrison welcomes the guys to the new city and informs them that there will be one group date and two one-on-one dates, with roses up for grabs in each. Harrison also lets them in on the fact that there will be no cocktail party for any last ditch efforts to win Des over this week.

Desiree gives the first one-on-one date to Drew Kenney with an invitation reading, "Let's build a foundation for love.” Drew’s idea of a foundation is clearly planting a kiss on the bachelorette, as that's precisely what he does the first chance he gets. Their date involves a stroll through the streets of Barcelona, taking in the architecture, sipping some hot chocolate and some opening up from Drew. He tells Des all about his father – a flawed man with an alcohol problem who he loves dearly. Later on, the couple enjoys a romantic dinner that’s interrupted by Drew’s urge to make out with Des in a “secluded” alley. At the end of the date, Des gives Drew a rose and Drew gives Des the truth about James – he’s using the show to improve his dating life and hopefully become the next The Bachelor star. A shocked Des, thanks Drew for clueing her in.

Brooks Forester, Chris Siegfried, Kasey Stewart, Michael Garofola, James Case and Juan Pablo Galavis are all lumped together for the group date on the soccer field, which means Zak Wadell will get the second one-on-one. Playing for Des’ love, the guys compete against the bachelorette and her team of female professional players. The six less than athletic men get trounced by the women – losing 10-2. Following the abominable attempt at Europe’s most-played sport, the group heads out to a cave where Des makes out with some of her would-be boyfriends. While Des is preoccupied, Kasey and Michael decide it’s a good time to confront James about his treasonous talk. James responded with a trio of f—k you’s before blaming his comments on “guy talk” and Mikey T.

On Zak’s one-on-one, Desiree once again takes her date on a walking tour of Barcelona. The two eventually head into an art studio to draw pictures of a male model – and then another male model in the buff. Rising to the occasion, Zak gets down to his tighty-whiteys and poses for Des in hopes of earning himself a rose, and ultimately gets one.

At the Rose Ceremony, Desiree decides to keep Chris, Brooks and Michael in addition to Drew and Zak. Going home, not surprisingly, are James, Kasey and Juan Pablo.

The Bachelorette airs on ABC Mondays at 8/7c.

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