The Bachelorette this week saw Desiree Hartsock return back to the United States from abroad and pay visits to the hometowns of each of her remaining possible future fiancés – Zak Waddell, Drew Kenney, Chris Siegfried and Brooks Forester.

First up, was a trip south to meet Zak’s family in Dallas, Texas. While decked out in a penguin suit, Zak picked Des up in his family’s snow cone truck and brought her to a nearby school to give out free snow cones to the children. Back at his parent’s house, Des and Zak shared his now-legendary shirtless limo exit, to the amusement and horror of his family members. At the end of the night, after his family helped him play a song he’d written for Des, Zak presented the bachelorette with a promise ring.

In Scottsdale, Ariz., Des met up with Drew and went with him to pick up his mentally disabled sister before heading over to his family’s home. Des was in awe of Drew’s close relationship with his sister, and Drew’s parents were in awe of her – both of whom gave Drew the go ahead to propose if he received the final rose. Before Des went off to visit the next hometown, Drew poured his heart out, even telling her his first "I love you."

Chris was the next suitor Des visited, flying up to McMinnville, Ore. Before they met up with his family, Chris brought Des to the field where he’d played baseball growing up. Once with the family, Des was treated to a slightly awkward massage from Chris’ chiropractor father. Although slightly reluctant to buy into the idea of finding true love on a TV show, Chris’s mom ultimately gives him their blessing.

The final visit was saved for Brooks in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he brought Des on an intimate canoe ride. At Brook's parent's house, his large family donned nametags to make it easier for Des to keep them straight. After hanging out with the extended family around a fire pit, Des said her goodbyes to Brooks – the frontrunner and yet the only one yet to tell Des that he loves her.

Prior to the Rose Ceremony, Des had a meeting with her brother Nate Hartsock, who was blamed for ruining her chances with Sean Lowe on the last season of The Bachelor. She wanted to have his word that he wouldn't be so hard on the three guys she choses to bring home to meet the family. Nate seemed hesitant to acquiesce, but appeared to relent in the end, saying he’s happy she’s more in control of the situation this time.

Des felt anxious leading up the Rose Ceremony, telling host Chris Harrison that she doesn’t think any of the guys would expect to not get a rose from her. Brooks got the first rose, Chris the second and Drew the third, meaning Zak would be taking the lonely limo ride home – with the promise ring he’d given Des.

The Bachelorette returns next Monday with the “Men Tell All” special on ABC at 8/7c.

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