The Bachelorette ended with a proposal, much to the surprise of many who thought that Desiree Hartsock’s broken heart after Brooks Forester’s departure would prevent her from settling on a new frontrunner. But by the end of the finale’s first two hours, the bachelorette had chosen Chris Siegfried, who eagerly got down on bended knee to offer his hand in marriage with a dazzling Neil Lane diamond.

When The Bachelorette finale began, Desiree seemed hard pressed to keep her eyes dry, still reeling from Brooks' admission that he didn’t love her like she loved him. Brooks had been the frontrunner for weeks, and the only would-be suitor that Des told Chris Harrison that she loved. At the obligatory rose ceremony, Desiree tried futilely to compose herself to offer Chris and Drew Kenney the remaining two roses.

Drew didn’t remain long, however, as Desiree seemed to realize just minutes into their date that she didn’t feel forever with him. In what amounted to a copycat of Brooks’ spiel to her, Desiree tried to let the heartsick Drew down easy. While she cried, Drew was the picture of dignity, admitting he didn’t see it coming, but telling her not to be sorry if she didn’t love him back, telling her “I hope you find your happiness.” He later told the camera he’d envisioned a life with her and was “crushed and confused."

Fortunately for Des, being with Chris felt more real than being with Drew, so she didn’t have to send the last man standing home prematurely as well. She soon realized that staying in the competition was the right choice for her, and that Chris could truly be “the one.” Desiree then decided she was willing to introduce Chris to her family, including her menacing brother Nate, who ultimately approved of the baseball player-turned-mortgage broker.

At the final, and perfunctory rose ceremony, Des admited to Chris that she had loved Brooks and was sad to see him go. But, when Brooks left, she realized what her heart needed was him. Not bothered by the contents of Des’ confession, Chris got down on one knee and popped the question. “I want to be your first and I want to be your last,” Chris stated, opening the little box to reveal the engagement ring. “Will you marry me?” Des replied, “Yes, a thousand times.”

During the “After the Final Rose” special, Des and her fiancé Chris made their first public appearance since filming of The Bachelorette wrapped. They announced that their relationship has continued to go stronger since the proposal, and that Des will be moving into a new house with Chris in Seattle.

– Chelsea Regan

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