Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette saw contestants Brandon, Dan and Brian sent home.

The first group date for this episode, preceded by a card that read, “Love is a battlefield,” was a dodgeball game. Initially, the included contestants competed against professionals from the National Dodgeball League, but then they battled each other while bachelorette Desiree Des Hartsock watched. Dressed in too-short shorts and knee socks, the Blue Team – consisting of Ben Scott, Drew Kenney, Zack Kalter, and Brad McKinzie – won the first round against the Red Team – consisting of Mikey Tenerelli, Brooks Forester, Michael Garofola, Andreen, and Chris Siegfried. Forester ended up with a broken finger, but returned from the hospital before the end of the episode. After the after-party, Siegfried received the group date rose.

Later that evening, McKinzie admitted that he, like Scott, has a son. He also explained that his son’s mother was an alcoholic who filed a restraining order, and he has a domestic-violence charge.

On the one-on-one date with Kasey Stewart, the two, aided by wires, danced together on the side of a building. Afterwards, they shared a rooftop dinner, ruined by Santa Ana winds. Despite the setbacks, Stewart received a rose.

On the second group date, the contestants were trained by Lone Ranger stuntmen. Juan Pablo Galavis spoke Spanish throughout the entire ordeal and, for his efforts, won a chance to watch a sneak peek of The Lone Ranger. In the end, though, James Case won the rose after telling Hartsock about his sick father. He was essentially saying that he needed to know if she were serious about him, otherwise he’d go home to help his father.

At the Rose Ceremony, Hartsock ended up sending Cox and Andreen home. Andreen took it hard, lamenting being left behind again, but Hartsock explained that the right chemistry wasn’t there.

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