The Bachelorette Monday night, which focused primarily on Andi Dorfman meeting the families of the final four suitors, ended with a sobering moment when the news of Eric Hill’s death is shared with the dating show contestants.

The Bachelorette Recap

Andi’s first stop on her cross-country date whirlwind is Milwaukee, Wisc., where she’s introduced to Nick’s family. Before meeting the parents, Andi is treated to a trip to a local brewery where the two down samples of the conveniently named “Nick & Andi” microbrew.

Once at the family home, Andi faces all 10 of Nick’s siblings and his parents. Nick, of course, has to weather his fair share of grilling as well. His brothers and sisters want to know if Andi fully accepts who he is and if she makes him laugh – which apparently she doesn’t, but that’s okay because she does make him smile. Andi, in an interrogation with Nick’s little sister Bella, explains that they have a good “mental connection.” Nick ends up confessing to his mother that Andi feels like his other half, which makes his mom cry. At the end of the family date, Nick feels confident he’s Andi’s favorite (but doesn’t tell her directly he loves her), and she’s confident she’s won his family over.

Andi then goes off to join Chris in Iowa, where she can’t stop gushing about his good looks and general manliness. "Chris is, like, the epitome of a man when he's driving that tractor and plowin' that field," she says. "He's the hottest farmer ever." Chris, who declares his love for Andi with a flyover banner, admits that living in Iowa, where he works as a farmer, is nonnegotiable for him. As for what Andi would do there, he suggests she could potentially be a homemaker.

Meeting Chris’ family goes smoothly for Andi, as they prove themselves to be a welcoming and relaxed bunch. They tell jokes about themselves, especially about Chris, and are keen to add that he’s become “phenomenally successful.” Instead of Andi trying to impress them, it plays out the other way around with Chris’ mother complimenting Andi’s looks, her toughness and telling her she already loves her.

In Tampa, Josh brings Andi to a baseball field to hit some balls. The former professional claims that he doesn’t bring just anyone out on the field and reveals how much he loved playing baseball. Why did he walk away from the game? To help his brother Aaron get picked in the NFL draft. That revelation makes Andi fear that the evening will be all about Josh’s little brother.

Andi’s fears were more or less confirmed when Aaron, after giving the toast at dinner, starts talking about going to the NFL pro day and the rest of the family joins in talking about his future in football. Andi worries that not only is Josh not getting enough attention, but that the family would expect her to be traveling all over the country to watch Aaron play football.

For her final home date of the week, Andi pays a visit to Dallas to meet up with Marcus and his family. Before heading to the family home, Marcus brings Andi to – a strip club, where he reenacts his first group date by giving the bachelorette a solo strip tease. Andi is a big fan.

When Andi meets Marcus’s sister Cathy, Cathy acknowledges that her brother has a tendency to lay his feelings on thick and is a natural caretaker – a byproduct of his often-troubled upbringing. Marcus mother, Halina, admits to Andi she’s surprised her son has been so open with her about his past, and later tells Marcus that she trusts his judgment where Andi is concerned.

Eric Hill

On April 23rd, Chris Harrison invited the remaining four suitors and Andi to his home to tell them all at the same time that contestant Eric Hill had tragically died in a paragliding accident. Predictably, Andi takes the news the hardest and can’t control her tears, crying into the arms of a female producer who steps into the frame, and tells her, “I kicked him out. I can't believe that was my last conversation with him."

Rose Ceremony

Still reeling from the news of Eric’s passing, Andi struggles to begin the Rose Ceremony, walking away crying and consumed by the thoughts of her last conversation with him, which went terribly wrong. Once she collects herself, she has to tell Marcus that it’s the end of the road for him and that, regrettably, she couldn’t return the feelings he felt for her.

The Bachelorette airs on ABC Mondays at 8/7c.


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