Season 10 of The Bachelorette is only on its second episode, but already feelings have been ignited and the drama has begun. Andi Dorfman, 26, an assistant district attorney from Atlanta, is this season’s Bachelorette. During the second episode of the season, Andi finally got to start dating the 19 men still in the running for her love.

Eric Hill Romances Andi Dorfman In One-On-One

Andi chose her first one-on-one date to be with Eric Hill, 31, an explorer from California. Unfortunately, we know that Eric died after taping The Bachelorette after being severely injured in a paragliding accident. Producers decided that it would be best to honor Eric by keeping him in the show and dedicating this season to him.

Eric and Andi’s date was nothing short of fun and romantic. It started with a trip to the beach, where the couple built sandcastles and admitted to still loving simple activities like playing in the sand. After their time on the beach, they took a helicopter ride to Bear Mountain, where they snowboarded. Andi struggled with her snowboarding skills, while Eric helped her. The couple ended the date with a romantic dinner in a cabin, where Eric was able to really open up to Andi, sharing his near death experience while traveling in Syria. Obviously Andi gave Eric the rose at the end of the date, securing his spot for next week.

The Men Strip In Group Date

The next date for Andi was the group date. She took the men to a strip club where they had to perform in front of Andi, two previous bachelorettes and a live audience. It was funny watching the men prepare for their big stripping debut. Two of the men, Brian and Marcus, really stuck out for Andi. Brian is a basketball coach and teacher from Pennsylvania, while Marcus is a Sports Medicine Manager from Alberta, Canada. The men were clearly nervous, but they gave it their all and impressed Andi.

Craig Gets Drunk

After the group date at the strip club, Andi and the men enjoyed time together at the bachelor mansion, however this is when the drama unfolded. Craig, one of the eligible bachelors, drank way too much and became belligerent. He kept interrupting Andi and the other men during their short one-on-one conversations. He also jumped into the pool with his clothes on and then started stripping. Craig got so out of control, producers had to escort him home. From the beginning of the group date at the strip club, Craig seemed strange; he was loud and obnoxious and I was suspicious of his motives. It’s hard to tell if he was there for Andi, or to be on TV and have a good time. At the end of the night, Andi was skeptical of what men were there to find love, and what men were there to get famous.

Andi's One-On-One With Chris

The next day, during Andi’s one-on-one date with Chris, she is relieved when Chris reassured her that he is really there to find love. The couple went to a horse track and ended the night with a romantic dinner. During the dinner, Chris revealed his past engagement and his desire to find love that he knows will last a lifetime. Andi gave Chris the rose to secure his spot for next week. Chris seems sweet and you can tell he is here for the right reasons. After Chris and Andi shared their first kiss, he couldn’t stop smiling.

Craig, Nick S. And Carl Eliminated At Rose Ceremony

The next day, after spending more time with the men, it was time for the rose ceremony. After giving out 16 roses, three men were sent home. Carl and Nick S. were the first two sent home. They never really stood out at all. The third man to be sent home was Craig, no surprise there. When Andi said her goodbye with Craig she told him, she just couldn’t get over what happened two nights ago. Craig knew it was his fault and said he would have to live with his mistake forever, wondering what could have happened if he didn’t drink so much that night.

This week The Bachelorette will air for a two-night special, Sunday and Monday, at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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